The study “Social Intranet Guide: Trends – Topics – Tips” is online and available for free download. The new guide by SCM and United Planet gives an insight into current topics and trends concerning social intranets and provides helpful tips for your introducing and maintaining social intranet solutions. Download here: Social Intranet Guide


Social intranets improve internal communication 

110 communications experts took part in the survey conducted in spring 2018. Its results show the status quo of the introduction and usage of social intranets in companies and organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One key result of the survey: Social intranets help increase the subjective satisfaction of employees with internal communication and improve collaboration.

Additionally, the guide offers articles, best cases, discussions and a 7-step plan for the successful implementation of social intranets.

  • Discussion forum – Introducing a social intranet
  • Added value thanks to the social intranet
  • Sample solution and best case
  • The 7-step plan for successful implementation
  • Promote dialogue – How do I write for my social intranet?
  • Social intranet guidelines: First aid for community managers
  • Intranet usability – What is most important?
  • The future of work – How will collaboration develop?