COVID-19 has become the game-changer for communication culture and has quickly and dramatically changed our working world. It is now necessary to handle “The New Normal”, adapt processes, and respond to the needs of employees and companies. We at COYO have reviewed the key findings of various studies and ventured a look into the future. In addition, we show what a successful step towards digitalization and the new normal can look like.


4 studies, 1 message!

When many employees were assigned to work from home in March 2020, probably none of them had any idea how long they would be working from there. As a result of this development, the need for – and approach to – working from home has changed, as recent studies now show.


Study by the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (1,600 participants):
– “The occurrence of working from home has increased significantly during the crisis.”
– “There is a strong desire for even more opportunities to work form home.”
– “The acceptance of working from home has increased.”


The study “Us after Corona” by the Haufe Group (1,600 participants)
– “70% of respondents are able to digitalize their processes even more.”
– “Digitalization and staff are the focus of future investments.”
– “Knowledge sharing and transparency in the company should increase.”


The study “Corona culture boost?” by Innofact & Castenow, online survey (1,300 participants)
– “Good internal communication and employee-oriented conduct are key success factors.”
– “For two-thirds of those surveyed, communication and a more human touch have become more important.”


Study by Gartner, March 2020 (participants: 317 CFOs/financial leaders)
– “74% of the respondents plan to continue developing remote work even after COVID-19”.


A glance into the future: four forecasts

One of the most frequently asked questions at present is: “So what happens now?” – so we ventured to make some predictions about what the future might hold for employees and companies.


1. Salary and promotion opportunities will become less important in the “War for Talent“.
2. There will be a change in values in the world of work.
3. Companies that refuse to undergo this change will suffer financial losses.
4. Flexibility, trust, and transparency form the basis for a sustained high level of employee satisfaction.


Companies must therefore adapt to digitalization and the associated cultural change, set up new processes, and implement changes. When the right measures are implemented, the work–life balance of employees can be improved while increasing productivity at the same time. #WinWin


Ratiodata GmbH & COYO – the Digital Home of innovative ideas

It has never been so important to be able to reach all employees anytime and anywhere – especially for innovators such as Ratiodata, one of the largest system houses and service providers for banking technology and document digitization.

1,500 employees constantly provide customers with pioneering ideas for digitization. Therefore, Ratiodata needed a platform that enables the exchange between colleagues and guarantees secure data processing at any time. In COYO, they found a provider that meets all the requirements of a digitized workplace that reaches all employees nationwide, whether they are at one of the 14 locations or in the field. With their new Digital Home, all employees were able to maintain their high level of communication during the exceptional circumstances in 2020 and the connection was even enhanced by running digital campaigns implemented on COYO.


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This article is based on a web session at the European Internal Comms conference July 14th.

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Robert Katzmann has more than ten years of sales experience in B2C- as well as in the B2B-business. Since the beginning of the year 2020 he owns the role of a Sales Development Manager at the SaaS company COYO, where he is responsible for inspiring companies to improve their internal communication by upgrading to a Social Intranet. He gives insights and advice how to make the environment “Social Intranet and employee-app” becoming a success.