Intranet 2.0: The new guide from SCM and United Planet gives an insight into current topics and trends concerning social intranets and provides helpful tips for your social intranet or for introducing one. We let you benefit from the know-how of experts and show you what you need to focus on to make your social intranet project a success.


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Which role will social intranets play in the digital collaboration of the future? And what is the experience of companies who have introduced a social intranet solution?


Social Intranets: The future of internal communications

With their “Social Intranet Guide: Trends – Topics – Tips”, SCM and United Planet look into these questions and more for the third time. The key result of the repeated joint study about the status quo of social intranets: Following the trends of 2016 and 2017, satisfaction with the internal communication in 2018 is significantly improved by social intranets.

Central topics of the Social Intranet Guide include:

  • Discussion forum – Introducing a social intranet
  • Added value thanks to the social intranet
  • Sample solution and best case
  • The 7-step plan for successful implementation
  • Promote dialogue – How do I write for my social intranet?
  • Social intranet guidelines: First aid for community managers
  • Intranet usability – What is most important?
  • The future of work – How will collaboration develop?


Confirmed by more than 110 experts: Social intranets improve internal communication

In spring 2018, more than 110 communications experts analyzed via an online survey the status quo of the introduction and usage of social intranets in companies and organisations in the German-speaking world. This provides us with exclusive insights into the significance of social intranets for internal communication.

A key result: A social intranet not only increases the subjective satisfaction of employees with internal communication – it also improves the flow of information and collaboration in the organisation in practice. Wherever a social intranet solution is being used, it plays an important role and it is hard to imagine life without it.


Added value for your company: What is the social intranet capable of?

But where does the added value of the social intranet come from? As well as improving the exchange of information within the organisation, companies can present themselves to the world as a modern, attractive employer with such a solution. A social intranet solution is not only an expression of a modern corporate culture but also a driving force of one. It fosters the development of innovations and creativity in the company.

Today, there are almost endless areas of application for social intranets. And the future will not only hold new functions but also integrated applications in store. This means even complex processes can be achieved anywhere and anytime. Benefit from the know-how of the experts: Which hurdles do I need to be aware of?

But introducing a social intranet is not child’s play. However, if your project is well planned and prepared, it will be a success and your social intranet will be more than “just” a collaboration tool. To find out which obstacles need to be navigated in both introducing and using the solution, you should make use of the expertise of other communicators. This saves you a lot of time and trouble and helps you to sustainably get your company ready for the future. The Social Intranet 2018 guide is just a few clicks away!