2nd European web conference “Digital Internal Communications”

EPICOM's second European web conference "Digital Internal Communications" takes place on 1st December 2020. The conference focusses on the developments of internal communications not only in the context of the corona virus crisis, but also [...]

First European web conference “The ‘New Normal’ of Internal Comms”

EPICOM's first European web conference "The 'New Normal' of Internal Comms" takes place on 14 July 2020. The conference focusses on current developments in internal communications within the frame of the coronavirus crisis – from [...]

The Comprehensive Study for European Internal Communicators in 2020

Digital transformation shapes internal communications in Europe like no other topic – this is reflected in the results of our study „Internal Communications Monitor 2020“. The study, commissioned by SCM (School for Communication and Management), Staffbase and Kammann Rossi, investigates the state of [...]

Study: 8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet

The study “8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet” is online and available for free download. Mindlab published 8 key figures that help to analyse your social intranet. With these KPIs you [...]

Internal communications monitor 2020 – the survey on the status of internal communications in Europe

Which role does internal communication play in European companies, how is it integrated and which media and contents are used within the frame of internal communication? We intend to answer these questions by means of [...]

Social intranet guide available for free download

The study “Social Intranet Guide: Trends – Topics – Tips” is online and available for free download. The new guide by SCM and United Planet gives an insight into current topics and trends concerning social [...]