Digital transformation shapes internal communications in Europe like no other topic – this is reflected in the results of our study „Internal Communications Monitor 2020“.

The study, commissioned by SCM (School for Communication and Management), Staffbase and Kammann Rossi, investigates the state of internal communications across Europe and provides an overview of relevant channels, content and formats. Using insights from more than 260 communications experts from around Europe, we take an in-depth look at the role of the internal communicator within European organisations and examine how internal comms is implemented differently, and with varying degrees of importance, from country to country.

The study delves into areas like:

  • How internal comms is organised in European companies 
  • The main similarities and differences in internal comms across regions  
  • What the main challenges and objectives of internal comms are in 2020 and what media and channels are most frequently used 
  • How the role of internal comms within a company is changing as a result of advancing digital transformation 

& much more… 

Download the free pdf here: