Your social intranet is up and running, and everyone is happy? Great! But what would happen if your colleagues and superiors were not only satisfied, but rather enthusiastic? If the number of users and work efficiency would evidently increase? This will not happen by itself. But if you know these eight important KPIs, it’s no magic either. With these KPIs you can optimize the impact of your social intranet with manageable effort in no time.


Download now: 8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet


Generation X takes a functioning social intranet for granted increasing its importance for the attractiveness of a company. What is more: Efficiency and profitability also correlate directly with the digital development of a company – as indicated in the “German Social Collaboration Study 2019.” To more than half of the 1,465 respondents, a social intranet is an integral part of corporate communication. The study shows a direct correlation between the use of technology and improved work efficiency: Companies with a high degree of digital maturity can increase their work efficiency by up to 51.3%.


This study confirms: The Social Intranet is an important tool for greater work efficiency. But the study at hand goes even further and defines eight application scenarios. From these scenarios, key figures can be derived by which every company can evaluate and position its intranet.


8 fields. 8 key figures.

Each key figure provides an overview of eight application scenarios for social intranets. By filling out the evaluation form included in the white paper, you can easily analyse your social intranet and quickly determine its usage and acceptance. This way, you can optimize your social intranet in a targeted manner.