EPICOM’s first European web conference “The ‘New Normal’ of Internal Comms” takes place on 14 July 2020. The conference focusses on current developments in internal communications within the frame of the coronavirus crisis – from global shutdown through gradual loosening of restrictions to a “new normal.”

The conference will start off with a panel discussion revolving around current developments in internal communications.

• Which changes have already occurred, which changes are yet to come?
• How have companies been dealing with the situation?
• What needs have they been facing?

The panel is made up of Julia Ortega (BBVA Microfinance Foundation), Saskia Dejonghe (Base Consulting), Cordula Schellenberger (LumApps), Francisco Lalanne (Trivago) and Jan Marius Marquardt (COYO).

Furthermore, workshop-like insights-sessions and best practices from pan-European companies such as Henkel, Radisson Hotel Group, Trivago and Philips will provide participants with new perspectives.

Participation is free of charge.


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