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EPICOM is a brand of SCM – School for Communication and Management.

SCM is a German-based company for further education in the sector of corporate communications, which offers conferences, workshops, intensive courses, and webinars. Our core business is internal communication. In this field, we furthermore publish the trade magazine BEYOND – the only specific trade magazine for internal comms in the German-speaking area -, specialist books, studies and white papers.

Based on the experience of SCM, EPICOM develops know-how through studies and webinars on a European basis. We are interested in exploring the European approach to internal communication, its mission in the different industries and companies and its acceptance by the employees.

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Launching a social intranet: Get to know the different user types

Currently, most companies worldwide find themselves in the situation where all or most of their employees have to work from home. This scenario is new to most of them – and thus requires new tools [...]

  • Top trends in internal communication 2020

The top trends in internal communication for 2020

2020 will be another exciting year for internal communication, continuing along the path of digital transformation that’s already led to so much momentous change in the field. But as trends in internal communication are always [...]

Insights: Employee communications in a multinational company

We talked to Eric Jaffe, Senior Manager of Employee and Executive Communications at Microsoft, about Microsoft's approach to employee communications, the demands upon the area of internal communications, social networks and evolving trends in the [...]

  • 8 key figures for social intranets

Study: 8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet

The study “8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet” is online and available for free download. Mindlab published 8 key figures that help to analyse your social intranet. With these KPIs you [...]

8 key figures that reveal all about your social intranet

Your social intranet is up and running, and everyone is happy? Great! But what would happen if your colleagues and superiors were not only satisfied, but rather enthusiastic? If the number of users and work [...]

Internal communications monitor 2020 – the survey on the status of internal communications in Europe

Which role does internal communication play in European companies, how is it integrated and which media and contents are used within the frame of internal communication? We intend to answer these questions by means of [...]